Jul 31 2013

How to install Google Play on the Galaxy S4 Duos i9502


Please note: I have written a new procedure for Android 4.3, which you can view here.

In this article I am going to show you how to install Google Play onto the Samsung Galaxy S4 Duos GT-i9502. I am also going to show you how to remove most of the Asian bloatware from the device.

Download Files

Odin 3.07

CWM Recovery for the i9502

YourZgapps XS 4.2.2 (Google Play)

Asian rooting application for the i9502

Part 1 – Flashing CWM Recovery

1. Put your mobile into download mode by turning it off and holding down VOLUME DOWN + HOME BUTTON + POWER BUTTON simultaneously, until you see the screen below. You will then need to press VOLUME UP to confirm that you have read the warning message.

Samsung Galaxy S4 i9502 Download Mode

2. Plug the mobile into your computer using a microUSB cable. I recommend using a USB port on the rear of your computer, if you are using a desktop computer.

3. Extract Odin307.zip and run ‘Odin3 v3.07.exe’.

Samsung Galaxy S4 i9502 Odin 3.07

4. The rectangle under ID:COM should be blue, as this means that Odin can recognise your device. If this is not blue, you likely have driver issues. Driver issues can usually be resolved by installing Samsung Kies on your computer, although you don’t want it running whilst using Odin.

5. Click on the ‘PDA’ button and select ‘i9502-cwm-recovery.tar.md5′ (download link). You can then click ‘Start’ in Odin. Don’t touch the program if it stops responding, this happens every now and again. It should only take around 10 seconds to flash this file, your mobile will then restart.

Part 2 – Installing Google Play

1. Copy ‘YourZgappsXS-4.2.2-2013.05.15.zip’ onto your mobiles internal storage, using Windows. Do NOT extract the file. You will then need to turn off your mobile and boot into CWM Recovery. With the mobile turned off, hold down VOLUME UP + HOME BUTTON + POWER BUTTON. Release the POWER BUTTON when the screen turns on, and continue holding down the other two buttons, until you see the below screen.

Samsung Galaxy S4 i9502 CWM Recovery

2. You use the volume keys to move up and down the menu, and the power button to select options. You can click on the picture above to see the menu options that you need to select. You will need to select:

  1. install zip from sdcard
  2. choose zip from sdcard
  3. YourZgappsXS-4.2.2-2013.05.15.zip
  4. Yes – Install YourZgappsXS-4.2.2-2013.05.15.zip

3. After the installation has finished, you will need to select:

  1. Go Back
  2. reboot system now

The mobile should now reboot, and you should have a bit of a setup wizard when the mobile turns on, asking you to sign into your Google account. You should also now have the Play Store on the mobile. You will be able to download other Google apps (such as Maps and Gmail etc) from within the Play Store.

Part 3 – Rooting the device (required to remove Asian bloatware)

1. Turn your mobile on and navigate to ‘Settings > More > About device’ and click on ‘Build number’ 7 to 10 times, for the ‘Developer options’ menu to appear under ‘Settings > More’.

2. Enable ‘USB debugging’ in the Developer options menu, and connect the mobile to your computer. If Windows starts looking for device drivers, let this finish before proceeding.

3. Right click on ‘lberootss2.0.0.1152.EXE’ (download link) and select ‘Run as administrator’. Please note that this application is not in English, so you will need to follow my instructions.

4. Click on the green button (with the red square around it) below:

i9502 Root 1

5. Tick the checkbox and click on the green button (with the red square around it):

i9502 Root 2

6. Unlock your mobile (if the screen has gone to sleep), and you should see the below popup message on the screen. Tick the ‘Always allow from this computer’ option and click OK.

Samsung Galaxy S4 i9502 Allow USB debugging

7. Click on the green button below to start rooting the device:

i9502 Root 3

8. Do not touch the software or the mobile during the rooting process, the mobile will reboot twice.

i9502 Root 49. Once the above rooting process has finished and the mobile has turned back on, you will see the below screen. There is no need to proceed with the program, you can just close it. If you proceed, more unnecessary Asian apps will be installed on the mobile.

i9502 Root 510. The rooting process will have added an app called ‘Permission Manager’ to the device. I recommend that you do not delete this, as you would likely lose root access.

i9502 Root 6


Part 4 – Removing the bloatware

1. Download the Titanium Backup app from the Play Store, and open it once downloaded.

2. You will need to allow the app root permission, I recommend remembering this choice.

Titanium Backup Root Permission

3. Click on the ‘Backup/Restore’ tab to view a list of all apps installed on the device.

Titanium Backup

4. You can click on apps that you want to uninstall, then select the ‘Un-install !’ option on the popup screen. You will then need to click ‘Yes’ on both of the confirmation popups.

Titanium Backup 2


Below is a list of all bloatware that I have been able to remove from the device, without any issues:

  • 116114 3.0
  • AutoNavi
  • Baidu Map
  • Dictionary
  • DioDictService
  • Flipboard
  • Mobile QQ
  • QQ Browser
  • QQ Music
  • Qzone
  • Qzone 1.0
  • Samsung Service center
  • Sina News
  • Sina Stock
  • SNS
  • Straight Flush
  • WeChat
  • Weibo
  • WoMail
  • Wo 3G
  • (Asian text) 3.0.1
  • (Asian text) 1.4.1
  • (Asian text) 3.1.0
  • (Asian text) 100.3.36

That’s it!

If you followed all of the above instructions, you should now have CWM Recovery on the device, the Google Play Store, root access and no more bloatware! Feel free to ask me questions below if you need any help, and I will do my best to assist you. Let me know if the above procedure worked for you!

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  • James D

    Thanks for this! Where is the asian text as I couldn’t find those files? Should I still have the chinese voice when my phone loads or its it possible to remove that too? I also
    ended up removing virtually all the chinese apps on the phone without any bad consequences :)

    • MarrkDaviid

      Hi James, it is possible that bloatware may vary from device to device, so if you cannot see these apps in Titanium Backup, don’t worry about it. :) I haven’t looked into removing the boot screens yet, as I personally never turn my mobile off. Will update this article if I look into it and work out how to remove them!

  • Kieran H

    You are a legend Mark! I was going to return the phone, before this link. I tried the Mobicity one but it didn’t work. Thanks heaps , I look forward to see if you can change the boot screens,

    Cheers mate

    • MarrkDaviid

      No worries, glad to hear that it worked for you. :)

  • kinglord

    thank you. but “andorid is upgrading” after every boot. how to fix it?

  • Basser

    Mark, sincere thanks from Ireland! ( I travel a lot so this was a big upgrade from a cheap I6102Duos ) I was afraid I had got myself into trouble at the first few attempts but the Odin3.7 did the trick.
    Thanks again!

  • Guest

    Mark, after your rooting, does the duo sim function stiil work? I need to use 2 sim cards. Thanks.

    • MarrkDaviid

      Yes, you can still use two SIM cards in the device.

  • Guest

    Mark, does the duo sim function still work after you root it?

  • iceman

    Mark, does the duo sim function stiil work after you root it?

    • MarrkDaviid

      Yes, it still works.

  • MarrkDaviid

    Hi Arno, is there an error message, or just the coloured lines? Are you able to take a picture of this? Haven’t had this happen to me.

  • MarrkDaviid

    This device was only released in China, so there probably isn’t one. The device is almost identical to the Galaxy S4 i9500 though (apart from having dual SIM functionality), so you might like to use this manual.

  • Babis

    Hello Mark!

    I have an Alcatel 918D (Android Gingerbread) which is dual SIM, but while I’m surfing and/or tethering through my Data SIM, I cannot receive calls through my voice SIM.

    I heard that this phone is dual SIM full active and I am considering buying it and following your instructions to root it. Will I then be able to surf/tether and receive calls at the same time without dropping either connection?


    • MarrkDaviid

      Hi Babis, you should be able to surf the internet on the device or a tethered computer, and still receive calls from both SIM cards.

  • Francis Kaiser

    Hi, I have successfully installed the Play store into Galaxy s4 i9502 and everything is working fine. But my device is stopped working normally. I cant wakeup with home key. I have to keep pressing power button for long time then it restarts. Even battery is fully charged the light stays red (orange) always. I have reset it several times but nothing is helping. I was wondering that uprooting Jelly Bean 4.2.2 I9502ZNUAMDG will fix the issue. If so how to do that? Please help me!

    • MarrkDaviid

      Hi Francis, I recommend downloading i9502 firmware from samfirmware.com, you can flash it in Odin, by navigating to the firmware file in the ‘PDA’ field and clicking start.

  • Zehyat

    I have i9502 dual-sim ,when I installing Part 2 google play
    apply update from external storage
    and select
    then it has show
    E; fail to verify while file signature
    automatically rebooted and not showing the option 1. go back and 2. reboot system now
    and didn’t asking to sign into google account. plz help

    • MarrkDaviid

      Once you have booted into CWM, select ‘install zip from sdcard’, then select ‘toggle signature verification’. This should fix the issue.

  • Travis

    Hi Mark, many thanks from Texas! One suggestion for this article is to point out that there are version numbers next to bloatware names in Titanium Backup (just to avoid confusion).

    I am still having one big issue with this phone. Perhaps you might know. The second dual SIM card in my phone cannot register on US AT&T network. Both of my SIM cards are US AT&T. When one is in the second slot (GSM only slot), that card can’t get on the network, even for calls. I’ve flipped the cards around and either one has the same problem when in the second slot.

    • MarrkDaviid

      Hi Travis, thanks for the suggestion, I however deliberately left out the version numbers, as these can vary from device to device. So there is definitely AT&T 2G reception in the area?

      • Travis

        Thanks, Mark. There is indeed AT&T 2G reception in the area. In fact the first SIM lists both AT&T 2G and AT&T 3G under “available networks”. I did give AT&T a call and ensured that the second SIM’s IMEI on the I9502 was registered with my account.

        Interestingly, I am able to pickup T-Mobile 2G as an available network on the second SIM. Testing it today, I borrowed a friend’s T-Mobile SIM and was able to connect to T-Mobile 2G on the second SIM slot.

        • MarrkDaviid

          Hi Travis, this is a bit strange, is there actually reception for AT&T 2G when you select it for SIM 1? Would be interesting to try two T-Mobile SIM cards, to see if there is an issue with the mobile using two SIM cards from the same carrier.

          • Travis

            Hi Mark. I selected AT&T 2G on the first SIM, and it did connect to their 2G EDGE network. The first SIM actually shows 4 available networks (AT&T 2G + 3G and TMO 2G + 3G). However, the second SIM only shows T-Mobile 2G. I don’t have two TMO SIM cards to test with, but I would imagine they would both work. I did try disabling SIM 1 (and also pulling out the first SIM card with a reboot), and still the second SIM would only list T-Mobile 2G as an available network.

          • MarrkDaviid

            That is strange, I am pretty sure that both mobile carriers use the same 2G mobile frequencies. Did you try both SIM cards in the device before doing the above procedure, or only afterwards? Can’t see how the procedure would have any effect on this, just a thought.

          • Travis

            Hi Mark, the phone had the issue before and after the procedure. You’re right that the carriers do use the same frequencies for 2G, so it should work fine. I am stumped and will have to return this phone, even though I would love to keep it. :(

            Thank you for your help!

      • Travis

        Do you believe this might be a hardware issue or the modem firmware?

  • TheBear

    Do you have to root the phone to install google play, or rooting the phone is only necessary to remove the asian bloatware ?

    After you root the phone, will it still update ? Is it safe to update it or should updating it be avoided ?

    • MarrkDaviid

      You only need to root the device to remove the bloatware, and it should still be safe to update, you could however lose root access. Best to backup your data before you try updating a rooted device, in case something goes wrong.

  • Chris

    Hmmm… Are the roms different now? When I do step 2, it says:

    “Android system recovery ” instead of “CWM Based Recovery…”

    Installing the Google Play package then fails on verification.

    • MarrkDaviid

      Did you follow Part 1 of the guide? Sounds like you still have stock recovery, instead of CWM.

  • Scott

    Great help here, thanks so much
    I got through to part II install zip, I hope u can see my jpg’s, I couldn’t find the zip on the directory, I started over using an older and much smaller SD but same result, there was a message which asked to update the sd zip so I clicked YES but it failed
    Any suggestions on how I might proceed ?

    • MarrkDaviid

      Hi Scott, have you tried putting the files on the actual device, rather than a microSD card? This is what I did.

      • Desi

        I am facing similar issue, Zip file verf. fails. which option shold i slect if i put the zip file in the system instead of SD card? help please

  • Julius

    Hey, I have an S4 Designed for china telecom. Sch i959 duos(CDMA & GSM) Will this procedure work for me? Thanks aton

    • MarrkDaviid

      Hi Julius, I have only tried the above procedure on the i9502. Flashing the above CWM and Google Play files may work, though try this at your own risk.

      • Julius

        Thanks alot Marrk. If lets say something wrong happens can i still revert to the default factory setting. Thank you so much for your reply Marrk, have a nice day

        • MarrkDaviid

          Hi Julius, you would want to locate a stock ROM and recovery for your mobile before doing this.

  • Ger

    I heard that this unit has caller id issues. Will caller ID for U.S and other countries work with the Samsung GT- i9502? Meaning when the name and number of the person calling me is in my phone contacts, will it properly show the name and number of that person?

    • MarrkDaviid

      I have been hearing about a Caller ID bug, this isn’t currently my primary device, so I haven’t come across it yet. Will test it tonight.

      • Ger

        Thanks Marr. Will wait to hear from you about the caller ID bug.

        • Ger

          Hi Marrk. Did you manage to test the caller ID? Thank you.

          • Claes

            Hi. I am really considering to buy this dual sim S4 but I am worried about this caller id bug i.e. contacts are not identified properly when they call me. Had this issue on other China phones used in Europe. Is there a quide how to solvet this matter or do one have to store each contact in two formats. One with + and other with 00 i the beginning of number?

          • MarrkDaviid

            I am currently looking into different ROMs, which should solve this caller ID issue. I will post a fix after I have done some testing.

          • MarrkDaviid

            Hi Ger, I am currently trying to download different ROMs which apparently fix this issue. Once I have been able to download these and do some testing, I will either modify this procedure or write up a new one for the different ROM.

  • ThomaSze

    Hi Mark, I followed your instruction to install CWM Recovery into my phone. Odin returns pass but when I tried to start my phone at CWM Recovery mode, it didn’t come up. Instead, the Android System Recovery mode pop up. Do you have any idea? My phone based no.: i9502ZNUCMF2 and the build no.: JDQ39.i9502ZNUCMG2. Thanks in advance.

    • MarrkDaviid

      That is strange, Odin shouldn’t be saying Pass, if it isn’t flashing to the device. Hard to say what the issue is, unless your firmware is preventing CWM from being flashed. I would try the basics first, factory reset the device, restart your computer and Odin, re-download the file and try again. Also try using a different USB port, on the rear of your computer.

      • Joop

        Hi Mark, we just encountered the exact same issue as ThomaSze has. We tried several times to flash the CWM Recovery and everytime it said it flashed okay but the Andoid System Recovery mode keeps popping up. We also have the exact same numbers: i9502ZNUCMF2 and the build no.: JDQ39.i9502ZNUCMG2.

        I know this phone had a update to these build numbers right after we bought it. Could this be a potention problem for flashing?


        • MarrkDaviid

          Hi Joop, the mobile that I did this procedure on has the exact same baseband version and build number, so this shouldn’t be the issue. Try the recommendations in my above post, as very small things can sometimes cause big issues like this, when it comes to flashing.

  • foreigner who lives in China

    Thank you so much for your hard work!!
    Followed your instruction and done so smoothly.
    This article is more than perfect and helping not only me but also many others.

    Thanks again!

    • MarrkDaviid

      No worries, glad that it helped you. :)

      • MichaelGalarza

        I’m getting this error. :(

    • GK

      Hi, can you let me know which version of Odin did you use and did you succeed in first try? I had factory reset my phones more than 10 times and still didn’t get it working. It always failed at the Odin steps after I had selected the 2 files and clicked on Start.

    • Ricko Dayat

      The mobile should now reboot, and you should have a bit of a setup wizard when the mobile turns on, asking you to sign into your Google account. You should also now have the Play Store on the mobile. You will be able to download other Google apps (such as Maps and Gmail etc) from within the Play Store.

      Harga hp Lenovo K900 : http://hargahpbaru.biz/harga-hp-lenovo-k900.html

  • Scott

    Mark – I keep getting this message, any suggestions what I am doing wrong ?

    • MarrkDaviid

      Sorry, I have no idea what this says. At what part of the process does this message come up?

      • dan ballard

        It says it doesnt support your phone

    • Ernie

      Hi Mark, I couldn’t download YourZgapps XS 4.2.2 (Google Play)
      anyways you can post the new link for it or can you send it to my email?
      Thanks a lot!

  • Francis Kaiser

    Hi Mark, thank you so much for solving my issue. After unrooting with new firmware my phone working normally now. But I am sad that Play store is gone and without that my phone seems useless. My question is that shall try to flash google play store with this updated firmware? The procedure you have mentioned will work work with is? Looking forward to hear from you. Once again thank you so much! You are really great!

    • MarrkDaviid

      Hi Francis, I recommend giving it another try, you can always re-flash the stock firmware if you run into anymore issues, now that you have it on your computer. Did you follow parts 1, 2 and 3 last time? Perhaps only follow parts 1 and 2 this time, as it would likely be part 3 (rooting the device) that caused the issues for you.

  • Francis Kaiser

    Hi Mark, I am so glad to inform you that I was able unroot the phone successfully as you instructed. After that I have followed your new instruction to flash the Play Store and this I did not have even a any single problem. I have removed all Chinese bloatwares. Now I am really enjoying my phone with tons of favorite apps.

    But there are few issues like Briefing widget has only Chinese (Sina News). The S voice has limited English TTS function and it says switch to Chinese. I want my my phone fully like I9500 international version. Any help would be highly appreciated. In deed I am so grateful of you for your kind help. Your are awsome! -Francis

    • MarrkDaviid

      Hi Francis, I am glad to hear that the Google Play store is now working on your device. It’s not really possible to remove 100% of the Chinese text / functionality from the ROM, as the device has only been released in China, and the ROM was originally designed for the Chinese market. There may be some custom ROMs that fix these minor issues, though as this isn’t a common device, it doesn’t really have a big development community behind it.

  • Jeff

    Hi Mark,

    thanks for the support. I got a pass result for stage one but when i try to install Google play I get a different menu. It offers load from ADB (not ZIP). I think its not going to CWM mode. Can you give me some tips?

    • MarrkDaviid

      Hi Jeff, if your device is booting into stock recovery rather than CWM, please try these steps, then try flashing CWM again. Factory reset the device, restart your computer and Odin, re-download the file and try again. Also try using a different USB port, on the rear of your computer.

      • ali

        hi mark, i’m having the same issue as jeff. I’ve done what you’ve asked in your reply to Jeff, and still have no luck. Also you’re cwm download link doesn’t seem to be getting the file ending in md5. instead tar.tar. PLS HELP!

        • MarrkDaviid

          Please try downloading it again, I just did, and the file ended in .tar.md5

          • Ali

            Ok I’ve now deletd and have the correct files and programs. Still have the same issue as Jeff.

          • Ali

            mark i went ahead and rooted my device. (part 3) It worked fine, but what i noticed when it was rebooting, is that it went into CWM mode then restarted. So its there, its just a matter of getting into when i choose to. PLS HELP

          • MarrkDaviid

            So Volume up + Home + Power, followed by releasing Power when the screen turns on, is still giving you stock recovery?

            You might like to try my new procedure instead:


          • Ali

            Hey Mark. I appreciate the time you’ve been giving me. I did the new procedure (after lengthy downloads) and it all worked fine first go! Thanks again.

  • Marinos

    hi mark. In step 1 when i am trying to browse the pda file odin returns that the .md5 is invalid. please help

    • MarrkDaviid

      Hi Marinos, I recommend that you try downloading the file again, in case the downloaded file is corrupted.

  • Haris

    Hi Mark, how to change start up logo for I9502

  • danny tanny

    hi mark,well done and I have successfully root my i9502 which brought in through hong kong.
    Follow your procedure step by step and everything went well.Just to share when I bought the phone and on it there was a system update which update my firmware to ZNUAME3.
    After upgrading I start to root the phone and everything went on well.Only small issue I am facing is when restart it will go into android is uprading and optimising app,second the phone will be slightly warm.Rest of it everything is perfect

  • danny tanny

    Hi Mark, i have follow your step and everything is fine but i thought of factory reset my phone and will there be any problem?

    • MarrkDaviid

      Hi Danny, it is possible that some of the bloatware will return if you factory reset the device, and you could possibly lose root access.

  • Mike_sg


    everything worked fine, however, since rooting and installing apps the phone constantly reboots and shows “Android is upgrading… Optimizing app XX of XXX. Any suggestion? Already tried factory reset.

  • MarrkDaviid

    Hi Francis, I am planning on writing up a post for SVA ROM v2.5 (the free version), as well as perhaps the paid version. Haven’t done so yet, as I am still having caller ID issues with this ROM right now.

  • Desi

    I am running out of luck at the second step, install from zip isn’t working :( i get message that verf. for zip is failed in red. I tried putting zip file in the main system instead of SD card but don’t know which option to use to run it in the second step, help please

    • Desi

      instead of CWM recover i get “Android system recover” screen in second step

      • MarrkDaviid

        Please try Part 1 again, it sounds like CWM either didn’t flash, or was automatically replaced by stock recovery when you exited CWM for the first time.

        If you are in CWM and get an error message regarding verification, you will need to select ‘toggle signature verification’ in CWM.

        • Desi

          I changed the USB port to front from back and everything worked fine. I was able to login in Google play downloaded apps and all, and once I restarted the phone Google play stopped working once again, not sure why may be I didn’t remove the Chinese apps or because Samsung apps got automatically updated from the Google play or what but had to do factory reset again and everything worked this time I removed all Asian apps, lets see how long this works this time since I am in China, Thanks Marrk for you help

          • Rosa

            So you can now access Google Play even though you are in China? Please, any tips… just bought this phone and sooo frustrated with it.

          • Desi

            yes I am able to use Google play. I am using i9502

  • Rosa

    I just bought a Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 and was so disappointed with its lack of ability to download apps from Google Play store. I’m willing to root the phone, but first want to find out, if I do that will I be able to access and install and use Google Play? I’m living in China and as you know here most things get blocked. I have a VPN installed, but it still wouldn’t let me properly install the apk file I downloaded for the Market. If I follow the steps above will it also work for the i9500 model?

    • MarrkDaviid

      Hi Rosa, I do not recommend following the above procedure on the i9500. As the i9500 is sold in some regions that have Google Play, it should be a matter of simply flashing the mobile with a different ROM.

  • Robert Littley

    What about people who bought a GT I9500 from china and have the same problem, Can i just follow the same procedure?

    • MarrkDaviid

      Hi Robert, I do not recommend trying to follow this procedure on the i9500. There should be stock ROMs for the i9500 out there that already have Google Play, as this device was also released out of China.

  • ingki

    Mark, my Phone’s Baseband version is I9502ZNUCMH3. is it ok to do your procedure with my phone?

  • Nemo

    thx for ur nice illustration
    I would like to know how to add arabic language pack for the device cuz it is only chinese and english

    • nemo

      reply me plz

    • MarrkDaviid

      Hi Nemo, it is not possible to add language packs to the actual ROM itself. You can however download keyboards from the Play Store, that allow for you to type in Arabic.

  • GK

    I am not sure if anyone faced the same problem as me but when I followed the instruction I keep getting the failed message and was unable to complete the Odin steps (after selecting the 2 files and clicking on Start).

  • MarrkDaviid

    Hi Molly, this might sound like a silly question, though do you currently have two SIM cards inserted into the mobile? Sometimes they don’t display, if you only have one inserted.

    If you still can’t see them with two SIM cards inserted, you may like to try my new procedure, which is showing them for me, with two SIM cards inserted.


    The buttons aren’t really necessary, as both the phone and messaging apps should ask you which SIM card you wish to use anyhow.

  • Mritunjay kumar singh

    thanks very much………its very useful……..

  • Ernie

    Hi Mark, I couldn’t download YourZgapps XS 4.2.2 (Google Play)
    anyways you can post the new link for it or can you send it to my email?
    Thanks a lot!!

  • Alex


    I am stuck in part 2. I hold the Volume UP and Home butons and the menu that apear is not the same.
    The menu is:

    Android system recovery

    Volume up/down to move highlight:
    power button to select.

    reboot system now
    apply update from ADB
    apply update from external storage
    wipe data/factory reset
    wipe cache partition
    apply update from cache

    and it say fail to verity hole file

    What can I must do?

    • Alex

      I resolve the problem.
      Now it.s OK. Google apps instaled, rooted OK and most chinese apps uninstaled.

      It is possible to change startup logo with another one (original i9500) ?

    • MarrkDaviid

      Hi Alex, it sounds like CWM was not flashed properly, that is stock recovery.

  • AP

    Hi Mark, Just about to jump in and buy the Note 3 i9002. I from Australia and live in china. Any chance you can update to the i9002 as well please. There are a few people out with the rooting function but they dont do the whole box and dice like you do. Would very much appreciate it. (or let us know if you are not intending too)
    thanks, keep up the good work!

    • MarrkDaviid

      Hi Andrew, I will soon have my hands on the dual SIM Galaxy Note 3, and will likely write up a similar procedure.

  • Mihir

    Hi Mark,
    Thanks a lot for all your work and sharing it with the all!!
    I have been using my phone with no problems for a few months now. I have one question I hope you can help with. Is there any way of getting the phone to use the external memory instead of phone memory for installing apps?
    Thanks Again!

    • MarrkDaviid

      Hi Mihir, I will take a look at this, haven’t had the need to install apps on the microSD card.

  • didy surjana

    if i bought s4 in china than i follow yours step…than,can i access google play?

  • didy surjana

    mark ,my friend has bought samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 in china and it is not support googleplay and the other google application.. are there any steps to install google play on it?

    • MarrkDaviid

      Hi Didy, I believe that the i9500 was released in some regions that have Google Play. Go to http://www.samfirmware.com/, sign up for an account, and try downloading and flashing i9500 firmware from regions that will likely have Google Play. You can follow the instructions for Part 1 above, though with the i9500 firmware file instead.

      • didy surjana

        so ,after i download the file that you mean..i can start from part one above?
        but,i want ask..i there any kind of risk fro this procedur?

        • MarrkDaviid

          Hi Didy, you would ONLY do Part 1 of the above procedure, using the firmware file that you downloaded. There isn’t much risk in flashing stock firmware, as long as you downloaded the correct firmware for your mobile.

          • didy surjana

            thank you mark..for all

  • wijaya

    dear mr Mark, can i do this procedure to my galaxy note 3 sm-n9009 cdma/gsm? i’m already root the device following the procedure from chainfire for sm-n9009, but stil cannot accest google play store that i install. Thanks if u can help me..

  • cp

    Hi mark
    thank you for the guide… sondds real sumply excpet i am IT idiot … hence ran into some problem on my new I9502.
    I followed your steps in part 1 and it failed…. so tried again and again it failed.. so i stupidly pull out the phone an dno wi am stuck in ‘recovery mode ‘ with a pic of phone & PC and a ! in a triangle in between. The massges says: Firmware upgarde encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again.
    I tried to connect to kies but it willnot detect my device.
    Pls advise how i can resolve this.
    Million of thanks.
    Rgds, CP.

  • Billy Burgos

    Hello Mark! I really serch in all internet and I cant fix my problem. My SIM card 1 not work… and I cant undertand the reason… can you help me?

  • sasha

    hi there
    my name is sasha and I am to stupid and have no idea how to do all this things (-:
    is there any chance that you can connect to my pc remotely and help me to do it ?
    thanks in advance
    sasha .

  • Saf

    NIce one Mark…worked a treat…really appreciate your work..!!! After this install can upgrade of firmware via Kies or Sammobile be ok? to mh3, mh4 etc?

    • MarrkDaviid

      I am glad to hear that the procedure worked for you, and I do not recommend installing firmware updates, all of the current ones are only minor anyhow. I will likely write up a new procedure when Android 4.3 or 4.4 is released for this mobile.

  • Alex

    Hi Mark
    I make a firmware update from 4.2.2. to 4.3 on my I9502 and now the Google play is not workig. It say no connection. I must do again the steps from above?

    • http://marrkdaviid.com/ Mark F

      Hi Alex, a new procedure would need to be followed to install Google Play on Android 4.3, I am planning on writing up a new procedure for the i9502 within the next week or two.

  • cdn

    would this work with a galaxy duos sch-i829?

    • http://marrkdaviid.com/ Mark F

      This procedure will only work for the i9502.

  • Barcode

    mark, why no 5 recovery cannot be done, always adb.exe has stopped working, check online for solution and close the program or vlose the program……… the recovey no 5 cannot be done… what’s the problem???? the screen on mobile phone samsung s4 china , android logo, downloading….. do not disconnect USB cable during the software update…. can you help me….

  • Riki

    Thank you so much from Raleigh, NC. Got it with the first try.

    • http://marrkdaviid.com/ Mark F

      Hi Riki, I am glad to hear that the procedure helped you. :)

  • Annie

    Hi Mark, thank you for being so awesome! Your instructions were very clear and easy to understand. I recently updated my phone to Android 4.3 so I can’t successfully install Google Play (stuck on Part 2). Please let us know when you write up the new procedures for Android 4.3!

    • http://marrkdaviid.com/ Mark F

      Hi Annie, thanks for your kind words, I am hoping to write up a new procedure for Android 4.3, within the next week or two, so check back soon!

  • Mario

    Hello Mark,
    Do you have an update about the i9502 which is already on android 4.3 version.
    Can you please update us because we really need your help. I really need to activate my Playstore.
    Thank you very much

    • http://marrkdaviid.com/ Mark F

      Hi Mario, I am planning on writing up a new procedure for the i9502 within the next week or two, so check back soon!

  • burak

    Hi Mark,
    thank your for the great post. I need your expert advice here, recently I got S4 from China Mobile (it is not clone phone), actually it is a free gift for points from CM. but since there is no Google in China, this phone comes with without google play store and lots of bloatware. I want to follow your above mentioned procedure but my only concern I read some warnings over the net that some “carrier only” produced mobile phones can’t be rootable due to it’s specific firmware or some technical barrier fixed buy carrier. I just need to an expert comment before I go root this phone. do you have any idea about this ? here is the device info: model number: GT-I9508 / android version: 4.2.2 / baseband: I9508ZMUAMF1. Thank you very much in advance for your advices…

    • http://marrkdaviid.com/ Mark F

      Hi there, it sounds like you have the i9508, this procedure is unfortunately only compatible with the i9502.

  • Giovanni MARRA

    Hello Mark, I would like to ask you, when a new procedure will be available for v4.3 or if it is, kindly post a link. I tried “vRoot” as mentioned on some Chinese posts, but it doesn’t work. Think I have to stick and trust in you.


    • http://marrkdaviid.com/ Mark F

      Hi Giovanni, I am planning on writing up a new procedure for the i9502 within the next week or two, so check back soon. :)

  • Robert

    Hi Mark,
    I updated my device to Android 4.3. Subsequently, i lost the rooting and was unable to use PlayStore. I tried to do the rooting again so i could get play store, using your improved procedure. This time, after the first step, the phone has refused to boot after displaying the welcome screen. I urgently need your help. Please help me.

    • http://marrkdaviid.com/ Mark F

      Hi Robert, simply flashing stock firmware back onto the mobile should resolve this issue, let me know if you still require assistance with this. I am planning on writing up a new procedure for Android 4.3 within the next week or two.

  • newbie

    hi Mark, I am using i9502znufmk3 ver 4.3.
    can you help where can I find the instructions to install google play store?
    tried your existing link, looks like works for 4.2.2 and not 4.3?

    • http://marrkdaviid.com/ Mark F

      I am planning on writing up a new i9502 procedure for Android 4.3 within the next week or two, so check back soon!

      • Robert

        Okay Mark, I would be waiting.

  • Robert

    For some time now, any time i start my camera, i get the message “camera failed”. I did a system reset of my device, then it worked for only a day and the same resumed with same error message. The camera function is very important for me. Could you please help me solve this?

  • 현서 KPOPer

    Hi Mark. My phone is S4 I9500. May i follow this instuction to install google play and delete chinese apps?

    • http://marrkdaviid.com/ Mark F

      You can use Titanium Backup to remove the Chinese apps, you would need to root the mobile differently beforehand though.

  • Eduardo

    Hi Marrk….. first of all thank you very much for your work…. they help so much to people like me that don’t know a whole lot about this but have to struggle to fix the many issues that pop up with these so called smart phones….

    I have been trying to flash the Google Play on my newly purchased Samsung S4 GT i9502, following the improved procedures you published last year… and I am getting stuck rooting the device and downloading the CSC via ODIN… I tried many times and nothing.

    I would really appreciate any suggestions.

    Thanks again…

  • MichaelGalarza

    Mark I live here in Dongguan China. After i flashed the CWM recovery i get this error that reads. ” Android System Revovery . Do you know what i did wrong?

    • http://marrkdaviid.com/ Mark F

      It sounds like CWM Recovery did not flash properly, as Android System Recovery is the stock Samsung recovery. Please try flashing it again.

      • John D

        Hello Mark, I am getting the same “Android System Recovery ” message.
        I have tried flashing the CWM about 10 times and I’m still receiving the same error.
        My phone is the same China Unicom I9502, with Anrdroid 4.2.2
        Kernel 3.4.5-588423
        Build #: JDQ39.I9502ZNUAME3

        I followed your instructions to the letter, on every step.
        The final message I receive when I run Odin is “Removed”

        What do you suppose is going on?

        Thank you for your insight.

  • Guillermo Manzanares

    just wanted to say thnxs for your help my friend…!

    device: S4 GT-I9508 running on 4.3 stock ZMUEMK6 + K 3.4.0-2106452

    i tried your google play store .zip and flashed it with CMW (credit: Trueandroid ents) and it is working swiftly… it even upgraded by itself during rebooting phase

  • islandgirl

    Hi Mark, I live in the Bahamas and I bought the Gt-I9502 recently. Everything seems to be working fine on the phone playstore, maps etc. except that when i’m on some parts of the island the and in Florida the phone wont recognize the network. I bought a couple china phones and all the others work fine except for this one. I’m wondering if rooting the phone will help? I’ve added the apn for my carrier as well but it only recognizes the network in some areas. Any ideas?

    • http://marrkdaviid.com/ Mark F

      Hi islandgirl, I recommend double checking what frequencies your mobile carrier uses, as well as what frequencies the mobile supports. Your mobile carrier could use different frequencies in different areas, and the mobile may only support some of them.

  • Robert

    Hello Mark,
    Thanks for all your support. But are we going to have the 4.3 version soon?

  • Ray

    Hello there Mark, your guide looks promising however I am unable to access download mode. Volume down + home button + power button gets me into a Chinese version of factory mode. I have tried multiple times and have not gotten into download mode making me believe there isn’t one in my phone. What can I do? Thanks

  • cassim

    Hi mark, I have a Samsung Gt-I9508. Its not reading my sim card. It says insert sim to access network services also says mobile network not available. I have tried different networks but it says the same thing. There’s nothing wrong with the sim reader cos I had it checked out. Please help me …

  • Orencio Bilan

    Will this steps works also on version 4.4.2? Or it will need some alteration?

  • Sabin

    HI Mark i am having same problem as MichaelGalarza. Can u pls suggest how to get is fixed? Its China Unicom GT-I9502Thanks in advance

  • NoVa KiRY

    Dear Mr. Mark.

    Is it possible to do this method with Samsung Galaxy S4 duos with android version 4.4.2 and baseband version i9502ZNUHNE4? I am very appreciated if you could help me.
    Thanks you in advance sir!
    Thanks again!

  • poer

    Thank you for your sharing. But the problem is I can’t receive OTA update. Can you help me? How to get OTA update? because the recovery was changed to CWM recovery. Can I Get the stock recovery? Where I can get it?

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